Crystal Juarez

Athlete Experience Manager | Professional in Human Resources | 2.5 Years of Crossfit Experience & 10+ Years of HR Experience

Specialties: Human Resources

With over 10 years of Human Resources experience, I’ve worked in several areas of HR including compensation, talent management and development, recruitment, and HR information systems. I earned my bachelor’s degree at University of Texas at San Antonio and my master’s degree at St. Mary’s University. I’m passionate about full cycle recruitment (from sourcing to hire and onboarding) and retention and engagement.

I first joined Crossfit in 2013 thanks to a corporate program launched by former employer and was instantly hooked. I had never trained with such intensity and coaching before and the community dynamic was an added motivator. After a three-and-a-half-year break for a job relocation and to have a baby, I attempted to go back to a “regular” gym, but was completely unmotivated and unhappy with the experience and lack of progression. I joined Crossfit 925 in 2016 with the primary goals of increasing my energy level and maintaining good mental health as a stay-at-home-parent (it’s HARD, ya’ll!!) In addition to those goals, I’ve gained an amazing group of friends, coaches, and a friendly welcoming community of fellow athletes.

My husband, Andrew, and I have been married since 2010 and we have a son, Austin, who loves to join me at the gym.

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