Our Design

The 925 facility was designed and built, from the ground up, to be high-end in every detail. From our 74’ Rogue Monster Lite Rig with more than enough pull-up, squat and ring stations to our fully stocked cafe (serving on the best fresh-brewed Onyx Coffee Lab on our premium Fetco Coffee Extractor, of course!) and our beautiful, modern bathrooms complete with showers and stocked toiletries, the facility provides our athletes with a home away from home. We encourage our members to come early and stay late to enjoy a cup of coffee or recovery drink in the air conditioning.

Equipment and Fuel

Our facility is fully outfitted with the best equipment available: Concept 2 Rowers, Rogue Competition Plates, Barbells (4-45 lbs.), Dumbbells (5-100 lbs.), a 74’ Rogue Monster Lite Rig, Y2 Yoke, Rogue Reverse Hyper, Rogue GHDs, Rogue and Assault Air Bikes, Ski Erg, Dynamax Wall-Balls, D-Balls (10-100 lbs.), Sandbags, Agility Equipment, Grip and Pulling Accessories, Dip Stations, Rogue Soft Plyo Boxes, Custom-made 20”/24” Boxes, Axle Bars, Full-sized Foam Rollers and a huge variety of Mobility Equipment, Swiss Balls, Rogue Dog-Sled, Abmats, and even a couple of Atlas stones.

Our air-conditioned cafe is fully stocked with well-vetted healthy recovery and supplement options kept fresh and easily accessible for all your pre- or post-workout needs. We strongly believe in staying as natural as possible, so we only carry products without artificial sweeteners and without unnatural extras.

Classroom and Auxiliary Training Space

Designed with a purpose, we dedicated an air-conditioned classroom space for seminars and certifications, coach and athlete training classes, events, and Personal Training. It’s a sleek, quiet space connected directly to our cafe, where coffee and conversations can be enjoyed. We’ve enjoyed hosting Crossfit, BirthFit, and other well-known professional certifications as well as in-house events such as nutrition seminars and team meetings. We also do goofy things like play Ping Pong after class!