Our Stories


One of the best ways to share 925 is to give you an inside look from our client’s perspectives. These stories are in their own words and are a beautiful look into how becoming healthier affects far more than just how you look on the outside.

We hope you enjoy reading and watching their stories below!

Dawn Becker (58) - Member since 2016

I am 58 years old. Ten years ago I would often, and easily, forget many things - like where I parked my car while out shopping, or why I walked upstairs in my home. I was overweight.  My ankles would often get swollen. I would cook a big meal for my family, but not have the energy to finish all the clean up. I was just barely able to keep up while hiking with my extended family every summer.  Travel exhausted me.  I thought this was just the way it was for people as they aged.  When I developed health issues I was driven to find some help.

Osteoporosis and a frozen shoulder began my fitness journey in February of 2016.  I decided to try Crossfit to strengthen my bones (vs taking drugs and risking adverse side affects) and gain mobility and strength in my shoulder.  I found CF925 on the internet, and attended a class with Coach Ben Tyler.  From 3 years of patient, careful coaching, and consistent attendance, I now feel more fit than I did 10, 20, probably even 30 years ago.  My brain function is much clearer, and quicker.  Instead of ALWAYS depending on a calculator, I now often do math in my head!!  My memory is much sharper.  My stamina is the best its ever been.  I have lost fat and gained muscle. The osteoporosis is reversing!  Being with an encouraging community of new friends of all ages makes me feel younger, and gives me the confidence to try things I once thought impossible!
Thank you Ben and Diana for founding 925 and your vision of desiring to help others be their best!

Christy Falato - Member since 2014

Yes! I absolutely am/feel fitter than I was 10 years ago.

At that time in my life, I was having a hard time finding the time to workout. My kiddos were younger and weekends were filled with soccer and basketball games. I was taking care of both my parents as their health was failing. It was a difficult time. I was over weight and not happy with how I looked and felt. Hindsight though, if I had been working out I might have had more energy to do all the things I needed to do.

I started working out in hopes that I would be healthier so my kids wouldn’t have to take care of me when I get older. CrossFit makes me feel younger because I know I couldn’t do these types of workout when I was younger. It’s a great feeling when I can workout next to someone much younger and survive the workout, even if I do a modified version.

I am so grateful for you and Ben and all the other Coaches for helping me to be the healthiest I’ve been and for all the encouragement you have given me. I am amazed at what I am able to accomplish daily at the box. Not a brag but more like “wow” I never thought  this was possible. I definitely want to be the old granny at the box working out. As long as I don’t get too crazy for y’all to deal with. Lol!! Love y’all!!

Will Becker - Member since 2017

I have always enjoyed good health, have had a trim frame with no worries about weight gain, and have been fairly agile.

When I turned 40, I wanted to get into better shape and increase my strength, but had no idea how to go about it.  I thought about going to a gym, but was too embarrassed to because I really lacked upper body strength. 

 Someone gave me a rowing machine and I promptly injured my lower back.  After a year of different treatments, I finally became pain free.  For the next 15 years, I nursed it, avoiding all type of heavy lifting.   Lifting a 40 lbs. bag of salt would strain my back. 

Two years ago, at age 56, I went to my first CrossFit class.  I talked with the coach and explicitly told him I didn't want to hurt my back again.  He was confident he could help get me into better shape without me injuring myself. 

I started out using just a 15lb barbell.  All the other men used a 45lb one and all the women used one twice as heavy as mine, even the one that was my age.  But nobody laughed at me.  All I received was encouragement and high fives from the coach and fellow athletes. 

With knowledgeable, careful, and exceptional coaching and supervision, and constant encouragement from others, my overall fitness began to increase.   I was amazed I finally could deadlift 50 pounds without straining my back.  Then I was able to lift 100 pounds, then 140, and then a little over 200 pounds, all pain free. 

Even though I can't turn back the clock, I can continue to wisely train and perhaps slow it down.  I am far more fit today than I was 10 years ago, and my goal is to be more physically fit 15 years from now than I was at 50.   Some say 60 is the new 40.  After two years of CrossFit, I feel more like 40 than I do 60, so perhaps they are right.


Siang Ombaba - Member since 2016

Almost 3 years ago I was at my heaviest of almost 200#.

I find myself getting tired all the time and harder to keep up with both my kids as a working mom.

Coming from a very strong family history of obesity and diabetes, I figured it was time to do something drastic.

I drove by CrossFit 925 several times a day for many months.  I had no idea what CrossFit was and decided to email Ben and find out if it was something I can do with my kids summer 3 years ago.  

I remembered the first introduction session, me and my son almost passed out 5 minutes into warm up.  

Now 3 years later, I am still at 925, introduced my whole family to CrossFit, I changed not only my lifestyle but my entire family.  

Friends approached me constantly asking what I am doing after seeing my result.  

My answer is always the same, be consistent at your exercise regimen, eat right and with time you will see the result.  It could be weeks, months, years or even a lifetime.

At 925, we are family and we get stronger together everyday.  We cheer and support each other through life events.  I have met some great people at 925.

Ben and Diana together with all the amazing coaches have became our friends and extended family in San Antonio.

Almost 3 years later, more than 50# lighter, lost bunch of dress sizes and inches,

I am still learning everyday at the gym to improve strength, endurance and fueling my body with ideal macro and micro nutrients so I can continue to gain muscle and maintain healthy living.

I encourage you to take the first step forward and the rest will be history.

Inside 925: Amy

Justin Naylor - Member since 2018

Fitness has always been present in some way in my life.  As a 20 year military veteran, being in shape was a necessary part of the job.  But, being in shape does not always equate to being healthy.  As my military career rolled on, I did less and less exercising because I became bored with the same old thing.  As I did less, my weight increased and at one point, my 5'-9" frame was supporting 201lbs of more fat than muscle.  While I was in the Middle East for a year, I decided a change was needed, and that change would be manifested in running.  I began to love running because you could lose yourself in the run.  Running gave me a time to clear my head and reset everyday.  I started slowly, a mile or two here and there.  By the time my year was complete, I had run two half marathons, in the desert heat, and felt great about my new "hobby".  When I moved back to the states, I decided to start running in local 5ks, 10Ks and half marathons.  I ran in quite a few and was always a middle of the pack kind of runner, never first and never last.  Eventually I decided I needed to add in some other sort of training to my running regime.  A friend suggested I give CrossFit a try, but I was skeptical, thinking only the fittest of the fit did CrossFit.  Eventually I did wander into a Box, and have never looked back.  CrossFit has not only brought variety to my workouts, it has provided numerous benefits to my running.  I have set new personal records on the half marathon, 1:42:02; 10K, 40:17 and 5K, 20:21.  I'm 46 and running faster than I did in high school, the only change being CrossFit, the results don't lie.  Combining running and CrossFit allowed me to find my recipe for success.  I'm down to 169lbs and feel better than ever.  Fitness is now not only present in my life, it is a priority.

A lot about 925 has enabled me be where I am.  From the moment I started the first few classes with you to the WODs I do daily now, I knew 925 was a place I wanted to be.  All of the coaches take a personal interest in making members better, challenging us to push ourselves.  One of the problems I have is self-motivation, I can only do so much on my own.  925 coaches push me harder than I would ever be able to come close to on my own.  And they do it in a way that is encouraging and positive.  Also, the nutrition challenges and being able to meet with Lydia have made a huge impact.  Being part of a group that practices what it preaches makes all the difference.  Having that extra help with expert nutrition information and accountability is something I was needing.  And lastly, the Level Method is something I have been enjoying since its intro at 925.  The workouts directly translate to gains in so many areas.  The Level Method is a road-map to getting better and stronger in a safe and controlled manner.

Inside 925: Luke

Angela Clarke - Member since 2017

My name is Angela Clarke. I am 30 years old and originally from Miami. I’m an Army Veteran and currently a full-time student. I’ve been attending Crossfit 925 since September 2017. Before then, I was into bodybuilding but always wanted to push my body past it normal limits. I wanted to be able to do a pull-up (which I am very close to doing by the way) and push-ups with ease. Hence; my journey into Crossfit 925. 

What I enjoy most about Crossfit 925 is the community. The coaches are phenomenal. They are extremely passionate, knowledgeable and experienced at what they do. The classes are small and intimate, which allows for some what of a personal training class every class. To top it off, the other members are like family. The outpour of encouragement along with the heart that each member puts in, keeps me coming back for more. In a way it reminds me of the time I served while in the military. 

What I’ve been able to accomplish since attending Crossfit 925 is immense growth in overall physical, emotional, and nutritional strength. In a Nutritional Challenge I lost 6% body fat, gained nearly 4 pounds in muscle, and 5 pounds in weight over the course of 8 weeks. Since the implementation of Level Method, I’ve surpassed just about every level 3 times over. Crossfit 925 is home and there is no better place to be than home!


Inside 925: Taylor


About 2 years before I started Crossfit, I thought I had hit rock bottom. Relationship issues and a combination of depression, stress eating, and lack of exercise led me to be overweight and very out of shape. I could barely kick a soccer ball with my 4 year old son in my back yard and it was embarrassing. I woke up one morning with a severe headache and realized that I had lost the eyesight in the top half of my field of vision in my left eye, like a shade had been pulled half way down over my eye. I thought I had suffered a minor stroke. The doctor said no stroke, but the diagnosis was optic neuritis. The bad news was that for 50% of people that suffer from optic neuritis, it is the first symptom on the road towards multiple sclerosis (MS) – a long lasting disease that can cause problems with vision, balance, and muscle control. What a disaster!

 I vowed right then to take control of my health in a positive way. Did I start Crossfit right then? NO, I joined Lifetime Fitness and when my eyesight eventually returned after a few weeks, started playing recreational softball. Although I had worked out sporadically since high school football, my workouts consisted of the elliptical machine (while watching tv), bench press and weight machines.  But I had no plan and no idea how to work different muscle groups. So I ordered a batch of P90X fitness CDs and figured Tony Horton would show me everything I needed.  Next I talked to the nutritionist at Lifetime and asked for a sensible and sustainable meal plan. He was a 25 year old muscle bound 5’2”, 150 and didn’t listen to me AT ALL. He told me OATMEAL was the answer and I should eat it at almost every meal and carry bags of it around in my pockets. Well, at least the softball would be a fun way to be healthy!

 I started practicing with a rec league team in early June, 2011. I hadn’t played organized ball since little league 35 years before, but I was always a good hitter and thought for sure this would be a fun way to be active. In literally my first at bat in my first game, I crushed a ball into the gap between center and left field to the wall – easy double - if I hadn’t crumpled to the ground in blinding pain on my first step out of the batter’s box. Completely severed Achilles tendon! My fitness renaissance was OVER before it even started. My P90X CDs came in the mail two days later and I never used them. As a bonus, I was in the middle of a toxic rebound relationship. Rock bottom was deeper than I thought!

For the next 18 months, I struggled with a cast, boot, crutches, infections, hyperbaric chamber therapy and lots of feeling sorry for myself. During one of my last rehab sessions, I met a guy who said he and his wife were doing Crossfit, (which I had never heard of) and it happened to be at a gym really close to where I worked - Crossfit 925. When I finally healed up a few months later, I decided to stop in and give it 60 days to see if it was a fit for me. That was January 22, 2013, and although I was probably in the worst shape of my life, that day changed my life in ways I could have never imagined.

 The Crossfit 925 box was in a small strip center wedged between a Mexican restaurant and an insurance agency. It was kind of dark, jammed with a rig in the center, lots of free weights, barbells and med balls and no weight machines. I was completely intimidated! Ben Tyler, the owner, guided me through a fitness test where I showed him I could do about 10 sit-ups and a few pushups, but not much else. I hadn’t held a barbell in 30 years and had never done a squat with free weights. Ben was extremely patient and told me he could help, and that although everyone does the same workout, that anyone could do the workouts, they modify the workouts to each person’s particular skill level. Also, they focus on teaching movements with proper form and would not let me do certain lifts or exercises until I could demonstrate proficiency and safety performing each movement. PERFECT and exactly what I needed.

 I started going 3 times a week and Ben and his wife Diana and the other coaches encouraged me every step of the way. The prescribed workout (RX) was usually far out of reach for me, but I managed to get a great workout every session and started to learn Olympic weight lifting and gymnastic moves that I had never included in any workout. I started gaining confidence and FEELING better. Some of the workouts absolutely destroyed me (Karen – 150 wall balls for time, Fran – 21-15-9 of thrusters and pullups) because I either couldn’t do the movements (pull-ups) or the time cap was just far beyond my endurance, speed, or both, but they gave me goals to shoot for and I modified so I could complete the workout with everyone else. Also, everyone else working out was also destroyed, we all encouraged each other and no-one seemed to brag, puff out their chests or demean anyone else. We all bonded over the intense workout and finishing together. I finally felt like I was part of something good and we were all doing it as a TEAM. I wasn’t alone in my struggle.

 Another thing that was different was that it wasn’t just a bunch of muscle-bound dudes grunting and sweating. It was old and young, men and women, all different shapes and sizes, ALL grunting and sweating. Not posing and making it a social hour. Nevertheless, it felt like a community. At other gyms, I never met anyone and never cared to. Initially, at Crossfit 925, I just went in, did my workout and left, just like all my previous experiences. Over time, though, I found myself talking to the other athletes casually and easily, because we were all experiencing the same thing, a positive change in our health, fitness, attitudes and you could see those changes in the mirror!

 Those initial 60 days have turned into 6 ½ years, and I’ve consistently worked out 3-5 times/week with an occasional short break for minor injuries or vacation. I’ve lost weight, but my body shape has changed in a way that I like and my confidence has improved in all areas of my life. The coaches have continued to encourage me and I’ve reached heights I never thought possible with weight lifting, gymnastics, balance and the ways that those things contribute to my every day life. Crossfit’s focus on nutrition and fun nutrition challenges keep me eating healthy and have changed the way I view food and eating. As a more practical matter, I am now a “do it yourselfer” with home projects and feel much more comfortable building things, repairing things, and moving things myself instead of paying someone else and that saves me money and that also makes me feel good. After my recent marriage, my step son started working out with me and my now 12 year old son has much more of an interest in working out and a healthy lifestyle. By the way, an MRI confirmed that I am not living with MS, but I am convinced that without Crossfit, my health would have continued to deteriorate and my life span would be significantly shortened in the direction I was going. In my mind, Crossfit 925 has given me a path to save and improve every aspect of my life.