5 Ways Your Child's Brain Benefits from Exercise


By Ashley Stewart-Carnett, CrossFit Specialist & Fit Kids Director

Schools are putting an excessive amount of time into STAAR testing which causes districts to cut down on recess and P.E. Exercise benefits your child’s brain in many ways, just take a look below!

  • Memory - Studies show that exercise helps build new brain cells in the region called dentate gyrus, which is linked to long- and short-term memory. Kids, who exercise regularly, will improve memory, have a faster reaction time and are more creative.

  • Self Esteem - A research team found that children involved in organized sports have a higher level of confidence, learn how to work as a team and develop leadership skills.

  • Less Stress - When exercising, hormones called endorphins, are released and act as a “feel-good” hormone reducing stress.

  • Cognitive - Studies show that kids involved in sports and regular physical activity test higher in both math and reading.

  • Attention - In a recent study, researchers found that children few as 20 minutes of exercise increased their attention span, multi-tasking skills, and the ability to ignore distractions.

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