Insulin Resistance: Worth Understanding


Rather than condense the article CrossFit recently posted, I’ll link it and ask you to spend some time reading it. Sadly, bias in research for various reasons exists in all research, so it’s always worth getting into the facts and doing what we regularly suggest at 925: Read, assess the facts and the sources, and make your own conclusions. What is “common knowledge,” even among medical, nutrition, and fitness professionals is not always correct. This is a great read!

“All these findings were most inconvenient, as they were reported at the exact time Ancel Keys and the American Heart Association were beginning to demonize fat, especially saturated fat, as the cause of CHD. Thus, the need arose to glorify carbohydrates, especially “whole” grains, as uniquely healthy.

To achieve this, any finding that carbohydrates may produce undesirable health consequences would have to be suppressed; six decades of the “health-washing” of carbohydrates was about to begin in earnest.

A key component of this carbohydrate “health-washing” would have to be the absolute suppression of any mention that carbohydrate-sensitive hypertriglyceridemia is a — perhaps the key driver of CHD.

This inconvenient fact would need to be hidden over the next 60 years as the false diet-heart and lipid hypotheses became the dominant paradigms directing the teaching and conduct of medical professionals around the globe.”

Ben TylerComment