Reset Your Healthy Lifestyle

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By Lydia Wallie, Nutrition Director

RESET. At times, we all need a reset pursuing a healthy lifestyle. There are so many things that can lead us off track from a healthy lifestyle... Maybe it's travel, going to a retreat where the food isn't what you would normally eat, or a super busy lifestyle where one not-so-great choice begins a pattern, and this pattern becomes habitual.

How do we reset and stay consistent? Two great strategies are your environment and accountability.

For a great environment, it's extremely helpful to have the whole household (family, roommates, etc.) on board with your health goals. If that's not possible, do what you can to create a separate environment for your food vs. their food. When you're not constantly tempted, it's much easier to stick to your goals! And over time, you won't even crave the unhealthy options quite so much.

If you're new to eating healthier, doing a pantry and fridge overhaul with ditching the processed foods will help you in your health goals, and if you're anything like me, it will also give you a fresher mental outlook. Need help with ditching the processed foods and learning what to replace them with? Schedule a Nutrition Session with CrossFit 925 today!

The second strategy is accountability. When we know someone else is supporting us and checking in on our goals at a scheduled time, we're 95% more successful in accomplishing our goals. (1) Who is there in your life who will consistently check-in with you to support you? Maybe it's a friend and you can both support each other by texting everyday a simple question such as, "Did you give 100% in your food choices and workouts today?" Consistency and commitment in these small but powerful strategies will lead to incredible positive change over time.

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