Vegetables: How to Eat More and Make Them Taste Amazing


By Lydia Wallie, Nutrition Director

I took a poll on what everyone needed nutrition help with, and one of the answers was, "Vegetables. Vegetables. Vegetables." I think we can ALL relate. We can all benefit from adding more vegetables into our diet. But sometimes they just don't taste good. Or do they? When food is prepared well, it can taste incredible. And the same applies to vegetables. Yes, there are those few foods that we absolutely cannot stand. But when vegetables are prepared in a palatable way, I bet there are many that you will enjoy!

Tip #1 is flavor

Vegetables can be completely blah on their own, just like meat. So by adding seasoning, it will create amazing flavor. Butter, garlic, and Himalyan crystal salt are my favorite options for sautéing vegetables.

For raw vegetables or a salad, Primal Kitchen has amazing salad dressings with great ingredients. Use them on your salads or as a vegetable dip.

Hummus is also a great option for dipping raw vegetables or spreading on top of your salad.

Tip #2 is preparation

Stock up your fridge at the beginning or end of the week, and set a simple goal to start each meal eating at least one vegetable.

If you're competitive, you can create a competition (aka: Veggie Challenge) to see who can eat the most vegetables in a week in your family or friend group. Don't overdo it or make this dietary change too quickly though! Too much fiber at one time can cause GI distress.

Tip #3 is smoothies

Create a smoothie and blend in frozen greens (a spring mix or spinach works). A good smoothie will include healthy fat, protein, and carbs. Try a blend with almond milk, frozen spinach, plain collagen powder, frozen banana or pineapple, cacao powder, and hemp seeds (optional).