How to Maximize Your Success


By Ben Tyler, Owner and Head Coach

Think back on the times in your life you were most successful. When did you achieve something you didn’t think you were capable of? What did you overcome that others thought you wouldn’t?

Did you do it alone?

There’s a high likelihood that you had help from another person in one way or another. While some (few) people may operate successfully as lone wolves, the majority of us, and I would also argue those lone wolves, whether they’ll admit it or not, would benefit from having someone in our lives to help us. People outside our current situation have an uncanny ability to see things as they are, or, at least with a different perspective than our own.

We tend to sugar coat things, or at least make ourselves feel like we’re accomplishing more than we are. Or, on the other end of the spectrum, we minimize the negative and tell ourselves we’re doing good enough.

The reality is that we need someone to tell us, point blank, where we’re missing the mark, and help walk us through what we are missing and where we can improve. Even if we are hitting our target, an outside perspective can help us hit the target more efficiently and more effectively.

Someone in this position can also keep up focused, motivated, and encouraged. Tough goals are hard for a reason. We want to achieve something. If it was easy, it wouldn’t be worth it. Having a mentor is like having a pit crew. When we run out of gas and need new tires, they can step in, fill us up with encouragement, show us where we can continue forward, and send us on our way.

At 925, we do this through Goals Sessions.

We meet with each of our clients once a quarter and help them recognize where they are winning, and where we can help them improve. Sometimes, we get to help with simple things like adjusting their workout frequency, or sleep habits. Other times its dealing with job and schedule changes, or tough discussions about nutrition and how they can stay on track, even with what life is throwing at them.

We’re able to encourage them by showing them where they are and have been successful, give them a few more directions on their map to follow to the next destination, and help them fix their leaks.

When a client meets with a coach, or mentor consistently, it’s almost impossible for them not to make positive progress.

Make time and room for someone to pour into your life and help you. Two is far better than one.