Top 4 Priorities for Your Workout - Part 1


By Kevin Carnett, CrossFit Specialist

Over the next two blog posts, I’ll share with you the top priorities you should keep in mind as you enter the gym each day.

  1. MOVING WELL. Moving with virtuosity, technique, and quality.

    If your form is not up to par, your workouts won’t be either. Poor quality in movement makes us more susceptible to injury. Soon bad habits start to form and it begins affecting more than just our workouts at the gym. This should be a top priority, everything revolves around moving well. Challenge yourself to move the best you can possible can, not just during the workout, but from the warm-up to the cool-down. Train from start to finish with good habits.

  2. Know THE workout.

    A lot of our workouts in CrossFit revolve around high intensity, and that’s great! But not every day is meant to be a 100 mph workout. Fran is a great example of high intensity and a fast face workout. Most workouts that involve a 21-15-9 usually are. This is a lactic tolerance test, meaning, an athlete is exercising at a fast rate, so much so that the body’s need to ATP (Adenosine triphoshate, the molecule that carries energy within your cells) increases and must be produced anaerobically (without oxygen). When your body doesn’t receive enough oxygen to help produce the ATP (energy), then the hydrogen in your muscles build up in the form of lactic acid.

    All that to say, it’s that awful burning sensation in your muscles when you work out really hard and fast!

    But all of our workouts are not meant to deal with tolerating lactic acid. A good example of a complete opposite workout to Fran would be Murph or Eva. Workouts that are 30 plus minutes in length. These workouts are meant to test other energy systems such as our aerobic capacity.

    Every day can be different and should feel different, so don’t be afraid to ask your coach for the intent of the workout if it is not clear.

Stay tuned for next Sunday’s part 2 post where I discuss the last 2 goals heading into a workout.

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