Nine Two Five Strong was created to augment the affiliate programming of CrossFit925. We believe that, when building a well rounded athlete, the solution is not as simple as stacking on more volume. The answer lies in the quality of training, as well as the ability to master the movements and skills involved in the sport of fitness. Mechanics. Consistency. Intensity. 


We will offer "Components Training" at our CrossFit925 location. These will be coach led, group classes with an emphasis on perfecting the components necessary to following the blog. That includes video analysis of the movements and our efficiency tips to help you get the most out of our program. This is also where we will cover appropriate scaling options on movements. Additional topics include: Performance Nutrition, Mobility, and Mindset.

When following the blog, we ask that you prioritize your time in the following manner:

- Workout (If you can only do one thing, do this), followed next by

-Skill (Defined as 50% or less effort; Mastery of skill is necessary to becoming a well rounded athlete), and finally

-Strength and Motor Building (They both rank equally as auxiliary components, and shouldn't be emphasized over the workout.)  

Any deviation from this priority of work will be outlined by your coach, and only if it is necessary to fill gaps in your fitness.


There is no "one size fits all" program. We design workouts to achieve a certain physical/mental response to facilitate an adaptation of your body or its mechanics. We program for the elite level athlete. This may require you to scale workouts.  Each day we will post the intent of the workout; we ask that you consider the intent when scaling. This is necessary as the program will go through cycles, and each cycle will build upon the next. If you have not scaled correctly and not achieved the desired results, you will not be prepared for the next cycle. Be smart and be humble. The results will speak for themselves.


We program for a "5 on, 2 off" schedule. Rest and recovery are necessary components of fitness. We want to build athletes that are successful over the course of their lives. It is all too easy to become over-zealous and attempt to squeeze in extra work. This leads to an elevated risk for injury as well as contributing to the burnout associated with high volume programs. If you feel like you need more work, go faster, harder, heavier on the work given. Mobility is each individual's responsibility, but is encouraged daily. We ask that you pay special attention to any areas of your mobility that inhibit you in certain movements (i.e. shoulder mobility leading to a poor OHS). Do not ignore pain. Pain is your body's check-engine light; it's there for a reason. We hope that our workouts will make you uncomfortable, but they should never cause pain. Pushing through pain will only prove to have a negative impact on your fitness in the long run. Last, but not least: nutrition. Food is fuel. Simple as that. We all know the right answers- Eat real food, all the time. If you are putting in the work and not seeing the results, the first thing we will question is your diet. It's the foundation of your fitness and a key component to your overall quality of life. Find a sustainable solution to your nutritional needs and stick to it!



$30/month for access to the blog

$60 for "Components Training" (1 x 3 hours- in house)

$100 Pancakes Squat Program (4 weeks- in house) 

$50/hour for one-on-one personal training sessions  

Nine-Two-Five Strong also offers affiliate programing. This programing comes ready to meet the needs of the majority of your gyms population. We will tailor the program of your affiliate specifically for your gym based on equipment, class size and goals. Please contact us for pricing. 3/6/and 12 month programs available. 



Coach Ben Tyler 


Coach Evan Balfour 




 25020 BLANCO RD #150, SAN ANTONIO, TX 78260